Run Android Apps in Windows 7/8/10


Hello guys, we covered lot of posts about in the past about how to run android apps in windows, linux or even mac you can check them out from here :

My favorite was Genymotion it’s an android emulator run on windows, mac or linux and you can install any device software version like htc model or samsung… anyway i still recommande Genymotion but today i have found a new emulator that run only in windows.

What’s different about this software is that it gives you only 30 days of free trial after that you have to pay so maybe it’s better than others and that’s why it has no free version.

The Software called Amiduos you can download it from here :

Run Android Apps in Windows 7/8/10Run Android Apps in Windows 7/8/10

So you can try to run Android apps in windows using this software, like i said it gives you only 30 days of trial but if you like it put a comment bellow and i will try to find a way to use more than that.

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