Sites that Can Really Kill Time


Welcome! if you are here that means you are getting bored, and bored can kill you. So for your safety We have recommended some of the most hilarious and time killing websites for you. Enjoy !



Browse random websites according to your interests.

The Scale of The Universe

Discover the true measure of the universe (Amazing!).

2048 Game

The most addictive game you can play.

The Best of Youtube

The best Of youtube

Check out The Best Videos of Youtube, you may find something old But gold.

Zoom Art project


One of the gratest art animation.Some say it never stops the Zoom.

yup that exists

Things you never though of but they do exist.

The Useless Website

Ever wondered what a useless website would look like ?.


Falling Falling Falling falling fallin… fal… . .

Time and The world

This is how little we are compared to time.

Earth Timelapse

Killing Time with Timelaps

See how the world has changed in decades just with a simple GIF.

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