Create a Wifi Hotspot on Windows


There are lot of softwares on windows that allows you to share your computer connection with other devices like your phone or tablet… we have already posted some ways about how to share you connection with other devices you can read them from here :

how to create wifi hotspot windows 8 

How to create wifi hotspot with CMD

but today i am gonna show you an other great way to Create a Wifi Hotspot on Windows

to do that we need to install this software :

Baidu WiFi Hotspot


Download link :

Just download the app, install it,then open it and that’s it !

windows WiFi Hotspot

You could change the name and the password … but what i really like about this app is that you could see how much data you shared and you could ban someone with his mac address and add him to the black list so he can’t connect again even if he has the right password …

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