Nextbit Robin the Cloud-Based Phone


CES in Las Vegas. this year edition has brought to us many new products involving human-carrying drones, other drones made to not hit people and even Razor-made hoverboard (they do not hover). We also saw many new android related stuff like gadgets : motion cameras, lens, wireless earbuds….. . But here is what caught my attention the most.

Nextbit Robin Phone. of course you will (and should) ask if this is not what we saw on September, and the answer is no! this is the new Robin. Though it has the same specs as the old one this is so unique in its design and the cloud based services it adds.

Here’s the nice points about it :

1 – early backers of the (kickstarter) project will get a unique design color called Electric Blue (best one i should have backed them)

2 – it cots only 399$, not bad if compared to others.

3 – The new Robin has Two cameras one on the back with 13 Megapixel and a front one with 5 Megapixel( BB priv has an 18 megapixel as rear camera if you want to compare)

4 – a 5.2-inch 1080p screen + 32 GB storage(OMG)

5 – cloud service : The Robin has an already linked 100GB cloud storage, it automatically uploads your least used apps or viewed photos or videos and marks them with gray icons. when you want to reuse that app or watch that video all you need to do is click on it and it will automatically start downloading your app from the cloud.

An other thing about this service is the notification tool it uses, it doesn’t rely on the old standard android notification it has it’s own led lights at the back. one of them is shaped like a cloud (the company’s logo) telling you how much space you used on your cloud storage. the other ones tells you if you are uploading or downloading any files to/from your cloud storage.

6 – Runs android, had to list that.

Here is the BAD things now :

1 – it is a kickstarter backed project, it will not ship fast.

2 – it has a USB-C port, still not in use by many computers so cable charging will not be as wanted.

3 – it Has no MicroSD port.

4 – Cloud service doesn’t upload game files like saves, but we hope it will

5 – It only comes in 3 design colors

Though this new phone was late Scott Croyle, the Founder of NextBit said that the nature of crowdfunding was responsible in some way of the 2 weeks delay and it actually helped them fix more known bugs. Crowdfunding has been a great powerful tools for many ideas to rise to the market and this will surely be one of them.

Source : Pc mag

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