Katana ZERO is the game you are waiting for.


Mobile gaming made many hits before and is still doing so. It had many releases teased in the biggest gaming conventions like E3 and Gamescom in 2014 and 2015 and we will see more from big developers like Ubisoft and EA and more Indie developers like ASKIISOFT.

ASKIISOFT is going to release a new Game for android(and iOS and probably Windows).The game is ment to come out on 2016, ASKIISOFT also Stated that it will be in early 2016, so don’t lose hope fast.

Katana ZERO is a Fast action game : it relies on your reflex time( which should be already at it’s best) to use the skills your character have in order to slay your ennemies and get out!

Katana ZERO is a 2D plateforme game with a Neo-Noir theme where your character is a Japanese Warrior( Samurai ) with only a katana(obvious) and a swift silent assassination moves and a time slowing power( ASKIISOFT says DRUG ) called Chronos that can slow time to perfectly counter ranged attacks and clean the floor out of your ennemies.

The game’s story is not really clear but i state “fight your way through a fractured city, and take back what’s rightfully yours”. Apparently it’s about a broken Samurai who has to take back his property and get revenge. though the story doesn’t need to be so good for this type of games to rock, it will be enough fro this game to make it to most of our phones.

The official website also provides some of the in-game soundtracks to keep you in the game’s mood. You can check them directly below (note : downloading the sounds is not free but you can play them online). Till the game’s release Just enjoy The soundtracks and the Trailer from the Official website.

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