God Mode in Windows 10


If you haven’t installed windows 10 at least on one of your devices you would not be on earth right now. Microsoft has given away windows 10 for free as a new approach to the world of computers. The new Windows 10 has a relatively
good control panel in addition to the old Win 7 one(which we all love). This new panel is more like android and iOS control app which has that all smooth and flat icons with cute fonts… .

Microsoft has a visible tendence to put all the useful(not all) options users want to use in that new panel and degrading the use of the old one until, maybe, deleting it entirely in future updates. But there is an other issue
that Microsoft needs to resolve: Not everyone want that new panel since Windows 10 is running more on desktops than portable devices.

What is God Mode

The idea here is to find how to get everything we need in one place. God mode is a fully monitoring mode for windows 10 users. once opened God mode will give you a chance of using all the possible settings featured in windows 10. This includes those who you actually use everyday like calendar, time and date settings and those who you may use to recover broken files or clear errors is some form. Go mode includes 239 setting applications in total.

God mode is just a Folder filled with these setting apps.

How to find God Mode

The setup is easy :

1- Create a folder anywhere in your HDD. i would suggest you create it on your desktop in case you use settings so much.

2- rename it : GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

note : You have to rename exactly like that . here is a preview of the results !

windows 10 God mode

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