Rainmeter Skin : Discrete !


Hello ! welcome back to 4teq, home of the best Rainmeter skins. moving on here is ” Discrete ” a new Rainmeter skin
, not etirely made by 4teq but regrouped and edited by 4teq.
Discrete is the rainmeter skin that fits your mysterious personality. it involves, mostly, dark colors on the edges
with some white tips to enhance the contrast!

you could see the beauty of this minimalist black and white skin if you find yourself a nice dark wallpapers that suites you like the one i am using right now. These wallpapers, when combined with Discrete skin, will make your desktop come alive.

Download links are on the right !
Note : Userscloud is trusted service that provide more than 50Gb of space and a full speed download. Check it out

download skin Rainmeter.

download Rainmeter wall 4teq

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