TypeSlab will make you a Poster Artist in seconds


Hey !

Here is TypeSlab ! TypeSlab is a small website that offers the possibility to create Classic posters that only contains Black and White colors, with a white background and the Words in Black( Check the samples i made down below ). Though it has many new and diverse options for colors and fonts, the default one is the best.

you can make as many posters as you like with the possibility to either upload them to Imgur or save them locally and PNG images. Posters can contain as many lines as you want(it only starts with 8 lines, you don’t need to stick to that exact number of lines) with the possibility to toggle fonts for every line if you start your line with the character “!”. Fonts come in pairs : a bold one and a soft one, you can immediately see the use from the default poster.

TypeSlab is made by a guy named Glen Maddern who actually turned out to be an internet pro as he calls himself on his website. Glen has also made other “service” like XGif a service that tags your gif and let you change the way the image plays, like where the animation finishes or starts and more. You can find mo re on Glen from

for some of my creations with TypeSlab:

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