Portal 2 Inspired Rainmeter Skin


Hello !

Here is the new rainmeter skin from 4teq called “Aperture Labs”. Aperture labs for some of you is very known since it is a name derived from the game Portal 2. The theme focuses on being the same from the game and includes some
of the signs that actually popup in the game.

Of course it was a bit changed to fit into windows characterizations, like the buttons functions. The theme has already many signs that only differ by the progress bars they add: one will only display the HDD capacity and an other will display Battery too.

all the signs will display a Big Date and will contain the same 2 rows of buttons to different functions in windows most of them will be opening files like default music or image files.

You can download Discrete rainmeter skin from here

You can download Aperture Labs from here

You can get the Wallpaper as well

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