PopCorn Time on your Browser ? why not.


Movie piracy is a real thing. It started first with the File host servers like “Megaupload” and many others, that got to a time where it had to stop and it did: Megaupload got shutdown for ever and most file host servers have tightened up their Copyright Policies.

One this that policies didn’t stop is the pirated materials being shared via torrents (Peer to peer technology). One of the high rated way of getting these pirated materials is “Popcorn time”. It was a third party software that you need to install on your Computer in order to view movies in high quality and without loosing a penny.

The new hit is that it is now available directly from your browser. The true story is that one developer, a 15 Years old named “Kragujevic” , did make a fully functioning browser version of the piracy software. But sadly it got reported and he had to shut 2 times it down in less than a week after its release. in less than 24 hours after, the web version reappeared as “browserpopcorn.biz“.

The site is now trying to avoid being taken down again by switching over to a domain registrar in the Bahamas and a data host in Bulgaria

The website has Proven to be working with a truthful testimony of myself. Until the website goes down again, which will not be far i think, feel free to try it!

Update : Apparently the website is now redirecting to a streaming service not a P2P based one!

Source : TheVerge

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