Lara Croft Go, The Tomb Raider experience on your Android


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If you don’t know about the last of the Tomb Raider Franchise, here it is : Lara Croft Go is actually a some kind of a second game after Hitman Go the same turn based games made by Square Enix. As the name indicates it is about Lara Croft the largely known adventurer mainly
linked to Angelina Jolie’s fabulous performance in its movies.

Lara Croft Go is the latest Game added to the already strong franchise of tomb raider which will actually get a new
Game title : Rise of the Tomb Raider that will be released on November the 10 2015 on the Xbox 360 and Xbox one and a delayed version for Windows and PS4 ( Officials : early 2016 )

The game combines A great adventure environment with no other then Lara croft trying to get the Artifacts from hidden temples and dangerous places. The game is based on turns where you actually can make only one move every time you swipe your screen in the direction. In order to win you need to accomplish many puzzles to reach the end of the mission or a portal that takes you to an other stage of the same mission.

the GamePlay is really good when it comes to putting the player first because you will have to, at a certain level in the game(check screenshots below), Create your exit way with coordination with the elements you have on your disposal like : Rock pillars that you will be able to push or pull towards you in order to block a Giant rock rolling, or even to kill a Giant Colored Snake.
Enemies are mostly wild animals, with special movement characteristics, a Snake that doesn’t move, a Giant spider that has its movement synchronized with yours , while only following one straight path, a Lizard that will follow you where ever you go…..

An astonishing Gameplay feature is that you can use wild animals to open your path, where you need to always stand on a key stone to open the path to victory and if you kill them you won’t be able to complete the level. These
Gameplay conditions will make you realize the mysterious and intelligent way the game works pushing you to play more. The Graphics Are Really Good for small characters and the world graphics are not bad at all since you won’t be needing them to be so precise to play the game, all the key features that the world offers are easy to differentiate with multi colored Keys and switches.

Down below there is a series of in Game screenshots (low resolution is due to the phone’s low resolution) Introducing random moments from the game and giving you a sneak peak at the amazing world of Puzzle Moving Lara trying to open gates and take down giant Snakes.

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