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Hi guys recently i was trying to install Popcorn Time in Ubuntu Via PPA but i was getting this error when i add WebUpd8 PPA

 Cannot add PPA: ‘ppa:webupd8team/popcorntime’.
Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.

updated on 03/12/2015 (Popcorn Time is back !)

Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.

Well i think that the repository is no longer exists so i kept looking in the internet for an other one but i had no chance the only way i found was to install Popcorn Time using the package.

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So here is a the way to install Popcorn Time in Linux (Ubuntu / Mint / Elementary Os / Kali …. )

First we go to the website and download the linux package :

The current version i am gonna install is 0.3.8-5 so make sure to change what need to be changed in commands if a new version have been released and the version you are installing 32/64 bit

Download Popcorn-Time :

Linux 32 Bit :

PopcornTime for Linux 32

PopcornTime for Linux 32(0.3.9 /Jan 2016)

Linux 64 Bit :

PopcornTime for Linux 64

PopcornTime for Linux 64(0.3.9 /Jan 2016)

Go to the path where you have downloaded the tar.xz file and extract the file :

mkdir [PATH : example : ~/Downloads]

tar xf Popcorn-Time-0.3.8-5-Linux-64.tar.xz

remove the compressed file :

rm -r Popcorn-Time-0.3.8-5-Linux-64.tar.xz

install Popcorn Time :

sudo ./Popcorn-Time-0.3.8-5-Linux-64/install

we type “I agree”

Install Popcorn Time in linux

remove the Installation Folder :

rm -r Popcorn-Time-0.3.8-5-Linux-64

Popcorn will be installed in : ~/.Popcorn-Time

PopCornTime Folder

Now you could open Popcorn Time using this command

sudo ~/.Popcorn-Time/Popcorn-Time

To create an icon like this

install popcorn time ubuntu

you can follow this post : How to create a Shortcut to run software from launcher instead of terminal

And that’s it so now open Popcorn Time and enjoy watching movies and Tv shows …

PopCorn Time Linux

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  • kiff

    Thanks for the post, but the thing is that the tar.gz has only three files:, nw.pak and Popocorn-Time. None of those is the “install” file you mention :

  • Adriana Sabo

    I get:

    Popcorn Time 0.3.8-5 – Linux 64 bits


    – Copying files to ~/.Popcorn-Time

    Unexpected Error:


    at: 1: Copy files

    … Please try again.
    Any idea? Tahnks!

    • CHAN

      This is a General Error. so you need to try many possible fixes. with each one of them try again.
      -download the file again.
      -fix any issues with permissions (try root )
      -you may want to check other alternatives from here :
      i will be trying to figure out any other possible fixes. Keep tuning in.