HotSpot Shield Adds Chrome Extension For Free Browsing


Not having to worry about surveillance when browsing your favorite websites is a wish for some, regardless of harm that a wide open free internet can cause, free internet browsing is essential for our current Society.

Hotspot Shield, is not a new name for many if you if you were from Tunisia or Egypt, or even in Hong Kong. These countries have had the most use of the free VPN service especially in the Arab spring and the Hong Kong protests.

AnchorFree announced is is adding the Hotspot Chrome extension, as well as a Firefox one in order to give users more Privacy and a free unchained internet connection. This extension Version of Hotspot is Adfree. You won’t get the random ads popping out of everywhere, but it still does put you away from your Location and give you a Full Bandwidth to surf all censored or blocked websites in your region like Facebook or even Wikipedia..

4TEQ Hotspot Shield

You can still change , with only two clicks, from UK to USA or CANADA servers and get an other complete IP address and Location. This VPN Service is something That everyone must have, because you can not know what your Government is Doing behind you..

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