Blue Blocks Rainmeter Skin



Today i Present This new Fantastic Rainmeter Skin, Blue Blocks. Named like that because it is actually based on Multiple Blocks Containing all of your Info, from Network status and bandwidth to Ram and CPU stats. It also has a Manual developed menu for Controlling your PC : Shutdown, Sleep or hibernate. Also has a Folder/App drawer That can be used as a clock in addition to the existing Digital Clock. The Folder/app drawer is shaped in a Circular way making it very appealing.

Note that The Fonts only look bad because i have replaced the Windows 10 original with Those from Windows 7. The Background Photo is related to EA’s Mirror’s Edge Game coming in 2016, and you can find it on Image search.

Download Blue Blocks

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  • Filip Šubrt

    Very nice skin, just a little answer. What should I do/download to see the CPU and GPU advanced informations?

    • CHAN

      As you can see the Screenshot have the GPU and CPU advanced information panels, if you can’t see them check the other skins that come with the package.