Why You should Keep your Windows 10 and not to go back to win 7


hey !

After more than 2 weeks after the official release of the final build of Microsoft new edition of Windows, Windows 10 ( they skipped the 9 ) it was installed on more than 50 million device across the world, a pretty number even for a free release, i Guess its like we were freed after a long imprisonment.

The new windows 10 is a great new vision of what your desktop would be, whether you are a pro user or just a simple
one trying to run with the flow. Ii actually works good on most monitors with variate sizes but still works best on big monitors regardless of the resolution because, It is meant for that. The lock-screen does prove that. An other Windows 10 feature which completely differs from the earlier editions is the Start menu which was actually forgotten in the windows 8 and partially useless in 8.1 update. The Start menu had some big changes that came
from the traditional Windows 7 start menu and the new tiles based start screen of windows 8.

windows 10 start menu

1 – The Start Menu

These tiles are grouped by default settings, that you can change whenever you like and give your groups specific names and add or delete apps and services. These services can be a live updated tiles like Weather and E-mail tiles
that ship with windows 10 or those which you can install via the store such as the Facebook or Twitter app that also include a tile for notifications.

2 – The Store

Speaking of the store, The second reason why you should rethink going back to your Old windows 7 is the store which apart from being the actual trend between all operating systems, it offers an unlimited number of apps and games, for all of your family members. This store is not present with windows 7 which make it a little obsolete.

3 – The look

I really want to emphasize on this matter because it is a very good looking UI with mostly HD icons, a fancy notification slide making you feel like in the Matrix. Oh yes it does ! …

4 – The new configuration panels

It is really the best thing Microsoft have added to this edition, giving the user an easier much more visualized control panel that can practically do most of what the ordinary windows 7 control panel can do. Without banishing the old control panel, Microsoft made its worst user experience panel the easiest setting panel even for tablet users.

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