Upgrade to Windows 10 even if you didn’t get the Upgrade Notification


Hi guys as you know Windows 10 was launched Few days ago and you could try it for one year for free even if you have a cracked windows copy ! Many users got the upgrade to Windows 10 Notification but many others still in the waiting list so i am gonna show you how to Upgrade to Windows 10 if you are in this waiting list.

First of all i advice you to take a backup normally every thing should work fine but in worst case scenario a backup will save you life 😀

Now let’s start Upgrade to Windows 10

Install this tool from Microsoft :


After opening this tool just tap next and wait for windows 10 to get download it may take few hours (it depends on your connection)

You may get this screen

Upgrade to Windows 10

It means if you want to keep your files in the old windows version or format every thing …

Anyway after that your computer will restart a few time after that enjoy using the upgrade to Windows 10.

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  • Eslam Magdy

    it says something happened and then closes the tool

    • what is your current windows version ? and did you tried to open the tool with “run as administrator” ?

      • Eslam Magdy

        i’m running windows 7 ultimate 64bit and yes i tried to open it with “run as administrator” and the same thing happened

        • Moda Vingt

          Okey , no problem. let us try the update process again. Just go to windows update and force a windows update with searching for new updates, even if it says that there is no new updates.

          If that didn’t work you will have to check your internet connection and have more then 40 GB free HDD space maybe disable your firewall for this one or add the tool to exception list and Rerun the tool again.

          if not working you may need to install an other version of windows 7 or upgrade to 8/8.1 and then rerun the tool. Microsoft already noted that the tool will not work on the Enterprise edition of windows.