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Today we will tackle a huge problem with smartphones, basically the 1st, mot important function of a smartphone which is internet browsing. internet browsing on smartphones has been the first reason why they are called smartphone that is why it is very essential for Hardware makers and also software creators to make it the best experience for the user.

Maxthon Browser is one of the best browsers you can have on your Android Phone, being Simple and comprehensible
with easy commands and special features while being easy on resources and especially battery that will make you love this app.

1- The Front line .

android browser maxthon

The main interface is really not so special, typical interface for a web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla or even Opera browser. It has home button, bookmarking and favorites button and the menu button. A refresh button is on to next to the address bar.
One of the remarkable features is the movable with drag and drop refresh button that is actually hidden as long as the lower buttons are shown.

2- The Menu

maxthon browser android
It is the menu from the main interface the one on the corner, which actually opens up a group of commands most them are check boxes, like resolving brightness or changing to night mode and maybe going full screen. You can also change the user Interface for most websites from android View to desktop or iPad view.

3- The Home page

Maxthon android browser 4teq
It is one of the most iconic Feature of Maxthon Browser, it has small tiles of already bookmarked websites : all search engines, social media websites and popular and useful websites. You still can add your own websites that won’t appear with their icon, just the websites name. You can arrange and delete all the tiles as you want.

4- The News Feed

maxthon android chrome browser

You can get to this page if you swipe left from the hope page we talked about earlier. You will have different interests to read about that will refresh automatically every time you open the app.
The news reader is very good since it actually focuses on reading not the images or videos, actually it does’t show the images or video on the web page bringing only the Head title in Bold pretty nice if you ask me.
When reading You will have some options down below the writing, like Size of text, sharing, marking as favorite or switching to Night mode which would actually make it easier to read in the dark.

The reader has a good style when it come to choosing topics, with great heading and a glimpse on the text: Simple and useful.

Maxthon browser android

Maxthon browser android

Maxthon browser android

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