How to increase your PC startup speed



We all had that one moment when we were so on a hurry and just turn on your Laptop to check your Emails or social feed and it takes so much time to boot that you may think it is not going to. And then some of us just got angry
and made it their worst morning.

Avoiding this delay is easy but may need some back knowledge about computers, Register, HDD de-fragmentation because you will need to have your PC work at its best performance when it boots.

So first step is : Register cleaning
Register cleaning is easy, to do and only requires a proper software that does all the work for you. Nice !

Second step is : HDD Defragmentation
This step is crucial to fast booting, even on the trending Os windows 10 which has a remarkable booting speed. Since HDD Defragmentation is a way of reorganizing you HDD properly it will easily help speedup the data accessing.

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Third step is : Check your Startup programs
It is an essential task for you in order to gain more startup speed, all you need to do is check the startup tab on your task manager and there you will find all the software that are listed to start with your operating system.
These software are also listed as high medium and low influence on the booting speed, so what you need to do is clean that from any bug software (they most of the time come written in Chinese language) and maybe other software that you actually don’t use most of the time.

fourth Step is : cleaning your desktop
Yes it counts. Cleaning your desktop of the useless files and folders and even shortcuts will make it easier to boot. This is Confirmed by Microsoft, i mean that it is a very real cure for booting laziness but for windows 7 or 8/8.1 still for windows 10 is not really confirmed.

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