How to Correctly Choose And buy a New Computer



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Under normal circumstances, the life years count of a PC ( Personal Computer ) doesn’t exceed 4 or 5 years in which new generations of Computer chips and technologies are released to public along with new devices running new Operating systems. This cycle has been around since the beginning microprocessors so don’t feel like you are doing something unnecessary or useless.

So whenever you toss your OLD Computer and are eager to buy a new one you need to be sue about it, because you will need to put your money on it.

First rule is the obvious one, The Budget. Before you buy or think of buying a new computer, you need to specify your initial budget the one that you must not exceed. Your Budget is so essential because the more money you give the better PC you can buy and that is so real, quick processors are much more expensive than the less faster ones
the same goes for graphic cards and to Mother boards more than Ram bars. This problem will automatically lead us to
the second rule.

The second rule is a direct consequence of not having enough money to buy a super computer and not to worry about anything. You will then need to specify what are you going to do with your new computer, whether you are going to use it for work or maybe some specific type of work( designer, 3D modeler,..) or play video games for fun or for YouTube, specifying your goal will limit your choices and maybe get you what you need at a reasonable price. Of course if you want to do everything with your new computer i suggest you buy something balanced, maybe drop something over to get a better experience with an other components.

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Here is a list of what you should focus on when buying a new Computer, desktop or laptop :

– Focus on the Processor power and quality for:

– Gaming
– Heavy web browsing (chrome and MS Edge )
– overall OS speed
– 3D Modeling (64 bit processors are preferred )
– Emulating Console Games

– Focus on GPU (graphical power) for:

– Gaming (essential)
– 3D Modeling
– photo and text editing (Photoshop, MS Office,…)

– Focus on HDD power and quality for:

– File sharing (via USB )
– Emulating Console Games
– Heavy potential ON/OFF count
– Servers

IF your intentions are not listed here, that means you can buy anything that comes with a good price and maybe good looking… . Extra features like USB3, USB 3.1 or even Type-C are very good and you may have to add some more cash and get those, better Webcams are something to be considered too.

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