How To charge Your Smartphone the Fastest way


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Smartphones are battery powered, and the more we use them the more the battery drains faster and that is a problem.
Whether you are using your smartphone for business or chatting or maybe you play games on it, there is one under-bed common monster which is “Battery”.

To solve that problem of draining battery, people tried to buy a second battery and have it with them where ever they go, which is the actually a good solution if you are committed to staying on the phone for long hours. Others bought a Recharging gear, a Portable battery and that is a quite genius idea because we never thought of faster charging and that what we are going to talk about now!

Faster Charging has been a dream for many which actually drove prices to top making these fast charging smartphones
really expensive and that low budget gamers for example, wouldn’t be able to get them.
I am sure many of us remember this image from Samsung’s Last Conference and it shows the Huge difference in charging time between a Samsung S6 and an iPhone 6, and as i said we won’t be having an iPhone or an S6 but here is how to Charge your Phone the fastest way possible , maybe reach that 10 min charging period … Who knows ..

faster battery charge

1 – Kill all Processes

A crucial step is to get rid off all games, apps running in the background,… And if you have some kind of switch that can actually do that don’t halt on using it. I’ve seen This kind of switch on some Chinese Android OS.
To do It you can either kill them all one by one( obviously you won’t do that) or install an app that does that for you like Master Clean or Advanced Task Manager.

2 – Use Flight Mode

Yes, Flight mode is the key to fast charging. In Fact the “Standby Cell” is the most battery consuming feature in any smartphone, applies also all the apps related to it like Facebook, instagram,… . Disabling it will increase you charging speed by more than 100% resulting in a really touchable fast charging.

3 – Reduce your Brightness

It is really not easy to figure out that your brightness would actually affect your charging speed, but it does so reducing your brightness even when your phone is locked is so good for fast charging. Doing tat by half will increase our battery charging speed by, let us say, 20% (this is not exact value ) So don’t halt on it.

Hope you got the info, thank you for reading .

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