Hack Fallout Shelter and Get unlimited lunchboxes for Android


Hi guys Fallout Shelter is a good game for Android but it could be better if you could unlock free items and get more dwellers to build more Buildings faster.

so to do that read this post and i will show you how to Hack Fallout Shelter to get Free unlimited lunchboxes. when you open them you will find lot of resources, items and dwellers …

You may need to root your device if it’s not rooted you could read this post : How to root your android Device

Now we need to download and install Lucky Patcher in our device

Download Lucky Patcher

Apk Download link : lucky Patcher for android

After installing the application we open it and we press toggles at the bottom of the screen

Lucky Patcher v5.6.8

new windows should be open all we need to do here is enabling Google License Verification Emulation and Google Billing Emulation
Lucky Patcher

now we go back and we open Fallout Shelter then we click Open Menu of Patches then Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation

Lucky Patcher download

we could select Backup apk-fil for a backup and w click apply. When patching is finish we go back to Lucky Patcher and we launch Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

and that’s it now you could get Free unlimited lunchboxes with 0$ !

Hack Fallout Shelter

so we select the item and we press buy pack, Lucky Patcher should be open

Lucky Patcher Hack Fallout Shelter

we press yes, we will return to the game and we will see that the pack have been added !

Hack Fallout Shelter

And that’s how we Hack Fallout Shelter Enjoy !

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  • Sup

    Btw i use lucky patcher with onrooted phone