Top Android apps you must install on your phone


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Here is a tip from one of the best android apps you have to try !

1 – Camera : Camera360

is is a very nice photo taking app, that leaves you with a whole new set of special effects, photo taking methods, some photo editing tools and especially a Cloud for you to store your photos on it.

Camera360 comes with a special pre-set special effects grouped under the “Explore” polygon, which will give you the most popular or the most used special effects, something you must try.


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2 – File exlorer : File Manager HD

This new HD version of File manager is indeed an HD version in fact it comes with an nice file types groups at the top, like images, audio files and Apks. It also has a nice storage capacity review that gives you information about your used storage space for your internal and external storage, a WIFI file transfer, a Storage sharing Network.

file manager HD4teq android

file manager HD 4teq android

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3 – Lock Screen : Next

Next is a Third party Lock screen app. Replacing your Stock screen lock of course, Next offers you a new experience of how to manage your lock screen, in fact it even gets you the possibility to do your daily chores without unlocking your phone. It comes with a very nice set of wallpapers and an extra Tab for your favorite apps in addition to the basic settings like Wifi and Mobile Data Switch and more.. The first time you open the app you will get a full demonstration of how the app work

Next microsoft, android,4teq

Next microsoft,4teq,android
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4 – Launchers : Hexy Launcher

Being completely new and in 1st version, Hexy launcher offers an unanticipated experience for users since it has no relation with common launcher in terms of app organisation. Developed by SwiftKey it organizes your home screen automatically based on the Icon colors. In fact you will have A central place with all of your most used apps recently and the rest of the polygons are your other apps. So you can easily see that the icons with the same colors or same mixed colors degree are grouped up together.

hexy launcher 4teq, android

hexy launcher, 4teq,android

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