how to make it in the MOBA games


MOBA League of legends

The game industry has changed over the last decade in an enormous way leading to more players and more games being developed at the same time. Huge companies all over the world have made it their concern to bring the best and the biggest games to their fans.

If we go back in time a little bit we would easily mark the biggest multiplayer game for the last decade which is World of warcraft. AKA WoW, world of Warcraft made it to the top played online games, with its gigantic maps and fantastic magic based combats. But it didn’t stand a chance versus the New type of multiplayer games, called MOBA.

MOBA Class games are very popular now, and they exceed the old MMORPG games by a huge umber of players. The huge number of players are managed and grouped by their “skills” , skills that they can earn by playing short separated games where there no continuity between these games. MOBA stands for Massive Open Battle Arena , where players battle each other in the same arena usually as teams , of 5 or 3 (league of legends case).

One of the most characteristics of this new class of game is the strategic play you and the rest of your team need to make in order to win. For the most part here how to be a good player in MOBA games:

MOBA League of legends

1 – Get to the maximum level of the game :

One thing is certain when playing these games, is that it has a maximum level that you need to make it to it in order to get into the real player ranking. The process of making this early leveling is a way of giving the player a closer look at the game mechanics and maps, in order to do good in big pro games later.

2 – Never play alone :

After reaching the top level of a MOBA game you will be able to challenge other players to reach higher ranks…
since these games require a team play, playing with strangers is really hard when it comes to low ranked players because your main contact feature between players is talking, language difference will be an obstacle for making advanced plays in the game. Playing with a friend in the same room or via audio communication with Skype or any other platform is highly required for fast and secure wins.

3 – Don’t be the ” Flamer ” :

Flamers are the most Toxic players that will make your games bitter and you unwilling to play. Which leads directly to loosing. Flamers are not necessary bad or underrated players, they are mostly very good players that
were not put into their place. But still flaming is not a good thing so Don’t flame on any circumstances .

4 – Focus while playing and reevaluate your games :

While playing your games try to focus on your movements and strategies in order to determine which one is the best, because you will not advance in game play without changing your previous wrong moves that may cost you the game. Also you should consider recording your games and re-watching them in order to get the moves that made your team lose and avoiding them in the next game. You sill can watch pro players or high ranked streams for better results.

So currently the top played MOBA Game is LoL : League of legeds with 68 Million regestred player then comes Dota2 with 10 Million. other games are currently rising but they are not as popular as the rest like Smite and Heroes of the Storm . For a long term player of league of legends, i get to say that these are the biggest advice and moves you need to understand to rise among everyone. So Let the Rift deside …. (always wanted to say that)

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