How real is the virus’ threat to your computer


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hey everyone !

We all have once bought or installed an antivirus, or a virus/Trojan scanner, and we will act on behalf of the scan result. So easy to use and very useful, but have you ever thought about why would you have viruses on your computer and by that i mean the origin of things. Didn’t you once ask yourself Why do i have a virus on my computer? a simple fair question that led me to understand the real situation of Virus and Anti-Virus.

Let’s start by answering the question : how did i get the virus on to my computer?
we will simply find out that it is related to a use of some suspicious websites, that would encourage you to download some software, claiming it is a free known software like Winrar or google chrome. Some of these Websites
would download toolbars and other extensions to your browser, resulting in a infernal browsing experience.

So how do i get rid of these annoying websites? Many if us would simple buy an annual subscription of a Kaspersky or any other virus removal company resulting in a minimum of 100$ a Year and a constant updating on the anti-virus abusing slow connections if you turn it on or an outdated notification will keep popping up every now and then.
The problem i want to put stress on is that we can easily get rid of these viruses or any other type of malwares by just not visiting these bad sites and in general avoid any downloads from unknown websites or at least those who you don’t trust.

The second Thing you need to do to avoid these trojans or viruses is to use an add block extension or software to block popups and unwanted downloads that may start the moment you visit a certain web page. You can get it from the chrome store or use already built in adblocks .

This final method is the use of built in virus scanner in your Operating system especially windows. Windows defender is proving to be very useful especially when you are running windows 8 or 8.1 or even windows 10.
When combined with a good browser and clean and trusted websites you can easily negate 90% of all the potential security breach of your computer.

This actually lead us to conclude that viruses actually are very rare to find on your Computer, if you navigate the internet in a reasonable way. So you won’t need any anti-virus software, but you may need some other tools like register cleaning to keep your Pc always in a good shape by cleaning register errors.

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