Tired of your stock home screen try this launcher


Tired of the look of your smartphone want to change the view ? start with your launcher. And for that here is
one of the best cool launchers : Smart launcher 2

Smart Launcher 2 is a very easy to use launcher made especially for those who don’t really need that home screen
full of apps, just the basic ones that we use everyday like camera, web browser, music player …. .
The home screen is really easy to use with 6 apps that has the same icon whatever app you choose, i mean that Smart launcher let you choose your app and then link to it via the default icon, great right!


A nice other thing in this launcher is the possibility to open the menu where your apps are arranged, your other apps
games or other social apps, you can click on the menu button down the corner or just swipe the edge of the screen from left to right and you will get the standard app folders, so when you let your finger boom, you got the menu.


So the big thing is the menu which is automatically divided into groups of apps: communication, Internet, Games, Media, Utility and settings.

The first 4 are clear, the Utility folder will have all the utility apps like calendar, Calculator, file explorers,
µTorrent remote in my case and Voice search.. . Setting Folder will contain all the optimizing apps as well as the standard android setting apps and all the other apps that are not registered as one of the upper folders.


Download Smart launcher 2

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