How to speed up android phone And save battery power


The Problem with Android is that the device slow down over time there are many reason for that, it could many installed apps or most of the space in device is used so i am gonna show you in this article how to speed up android phone and also save battery power first you may want to uninstall unnecessary apps ! also it’s better if you have a lot of free storage space even if you are not using it because lot of apps need always more space when they run … so make sure to have at least 2Go free space if you don’t have that you may want to think about upgrading or adding an external memory card

make sure also to restart you phone every few days and always deactivate apps that using ram memory when you don’t use the phone well you can do it manually in setting but there apps for that and i think this is the time to talk about apps that help you with How to speed up android phone And save battery power first we have Clean Master a popular app i think everyone use android should have it

clean master

Clean Master

There is also a version of CCleaner in android you could use it if you don’t want to use clean master 

CCleaner android


Now For the battery Saver i advise you with this app

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor

I hope those apps help you but remember don’t use alot of those apps or they will make your device slow !

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