Download linux operating system


Do you want to download linux operating system but you don’t know which distributions you should use ! well in these article i am gonna mention the most known linux distributions in the world i hope it helps you to make your decision.

linux operating system :


Unity Ubuntu
Ubuntu is a well known linux distribution based on debian. If you new to linux Ubuntu could be a good choice for you, it has a simple interface Unity (you could change it to KDE or Gnome …) and almost all linux software available in ubuntu software center you could download any software you like with just a click of button and there is no need for know to know terminal commands…

you can Download Ubuntu from here :

Linux mint

linux operating system

Linux Mint based on Debian too. It uses ubuntu repository so it is also simple to use it have a Software Manger place where you coulddownload linux software. It use cinnamon as desktop environment and i personly use this distribution.

You can download linux mint from here :


opensuse Linux

Opensuse is a nice linux distribution, but it’s better if have same Linux knowledge before using this one because you may need to use terminal to install software ..

To download opensuse from here :



Redhat is Mostly used by experts. You can download Red Hat Enterprise from here :

Kali Linux


Kali Linux is used for security and ethical hacking. The linux operating system is easy to use but this distribution has lot of security and hacking tools which need lot of knowledge.

To download kali linux ! :

Ther is also many other linux distribution because linux operating system is an open source project so basically anyone could make his own distribution.

There is also :


– fedora

– knoppix

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  • ghanmi hassen

    Nah, I strongly disagree with the order in which you’ve put the distributions, Debian and Fedora should be among the ones in the first main list, and Kali isn’t pretty known compared to others (Debian, Fedora, Mint, Ubuntu), same for RedHat.
    At least follow’s ranking.

    • I didn’t put them in order but i do agree with you actually Lunix Mint, Ubuntu and even Kali Lunix are based on Debian so Debian is in the top of list. As for RedHat it’s a well known distribution ! like i said it’s mostly used by experts (in professional level)
      There are many other distributions i should have added in this post like Arch Linux or OpenSuse… and they may be better than Fedora and Debian (The original version not a distribution based on Debian like Ubuntu) because Fedora and Debian are mostly used for server side

      • ghanmi hassen

        1)Archlinux and OpenSuse are not better than Debian (or even Fedora).

        2)Debian’s repositories are the largest, yet it provides well-tested software/packages, and it’s used in servers as well as personal computers/laptops, so they are not “mostly” used in servers, and again, that makes it better than Opensuse/Archlinux, although i’m not claiming that it’s better than Opensuse/Archlinux, same thing with Fedora, though I believe that it’s repositories application base doesn’t exceed Debian’s.

        3)Redhat is quite a commercial distro, and most end-users tend to use Fedora, which is the community version of the RHEL, so talking about it in an article that introduces novices to GNU/Linux is quite off topic

        • I respect your point of view 🙂