USB Type-C , A Fully new experience for you to embrace


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As we know,the evolution of internet and computer data and the incredible increase in the amount of exchanged data between different devices and the internet via the USB cable, has changed the world. The USB(universal serial bus) has also evolved also to provide the best assistance to the computer users.

Today We encounter a new Type of USB Named “USB3.1 type-C” , long name right but a very handy one.
The USB-C (an other name or an abbreviation) is a new type of USB with a different port formation that will tend to replace the older USB-A and B and the micro form which is the most used right now, mostly on the smartphones. It was released with the USB3.1 in late 2014.

The new USB-C looks like a micro USB, or lets say it has the same port size as a micro USB. But what makes it different is the actual shape of the port which is symmetric and has odd curves on both edges, this shape makes it easy to connect it in any face you want, no more flipping, just plug it in…. heh !

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the more i read about this new type of USBs the more i get fascinated, in fact the new type-C is made as a physical new shaped port that is highly compatible with all the coming devices and operating systems including the new Windows 10. USB-C interrior structure is the same as for a USB3.1 compatible port, so it will benefit from the 10GB/s
Data transfer speed and will be able to transfer up to 20V, 4A (100W), and that is HIGH coming from a tiny cable.

The 100W maximum is not as simply reached as it seems, in fact both devices must support a Power distribution of second level (PD2.0), and you must “check for maximum output from the device supplying power”, otherwise it is not even possible to think about the 100W output.

Below is the difference between the apple special port and the USB-C

From : DataPro

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