The Top Android Apps that drains Battery


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I am sure that you like most smartphone users around the globe are having hard times with their smart device cause of the little time that it can stay up compared to laptops.

battery draining is one of the most hard features to improve in ones’ smartphone because it has limited variables to try to put them in correct value so that you will have less battery use. One thing that is certain is that not using your phone much won’t drain your battery faster that normal.

Apps are the most and essential feature promoted by all smartphone manufactures to differ from others. Apps cna be very handy and practical but we don’t get all of their impact on our smartphone at the same time we install it or open it at the first. In fact wwe can’t see it’s battery consumption or even the amount of Ram this app needs to run perfectly!

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And for this type of hard time we made a small list of the most battery draining apps for your android Smartphone,
You Won’t really see any hardcore 3D or 2D games on this list because we all know how much these games can drain battery.

1- Facebook

2- Spotify Music

3- Instagram

4- Path

5- Amazon Android

6- Samsung WatchOn

7- BBM

8- Line

9- 8 Ball Pool

10- Daily Mail Online

Pretty simple right ? we won’t use these anymore …….., but wait ! Yes , Facebook android app really uses a lot of battery when on, but it can be minimized to background and you may save some minutes.

Spotify and most of that apps that need to be connected to the internet to use will normally consume more than the offline ones. When connected to a WiFi, battery draining will be at it maximum rate( not that enabling wife without being connected consume much less battery), making these internet depended apps abuse your battery more and more!

An other thing which is very important about battery abusing apps, is that the performance increasing apps , like those that say they make your mobile run faster or change some proprieties in order to make your mobile respond correctly, but these apps are Hard, really Hard on your battery and they, in most cases, do decrease your battery lifetime!

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