Make A Town! I really mean it


hey !

I just run to a very fancy website that can help you expand your love for paper modelling. Paper modelling has been a very common way of making plans for big projects like big cities or factories. you create the main buildings
in paper and present them in an organised way to make it understandable .

The Main website is named: your child learns, a very significant name that reflects the possibility of learning via many things presented by this website including the basic models of a whole town that can be easily printed and then cut and automatically used to start building, not only a nice and organised city, but also the creativity of your Child.

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The website is very easy to use and here is an overview of the interface
make a town,city,blocks,paper city

as you can see, there is a box full of basic models for the building. all you need to do is choose from and print Via the print button.

Note that the first model is in fact a “How to” assemble the buildings from the paper you printed , so you may need to check that before you start printing.

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