Create your Forms Online Without Google Forms



As an internet scout (i do call myself that) has found a great and an innovative way of Creating Forms. And for those ho are trying to guess what form is, a form is a digital paper that you need to fulfill in order to submit it somewhere. it involves check-boxes, text areas, questions and multiple choices answer… .

The good thing in the service i am going to tell you about is that it has more and more fancy and practical objects that you can put on your form like an image or even a video, .. oh yeah !
This service i am talking about is, a simple yet a good service that provides you with a complete control over your forms.
You can freely control the position of all your components and move them anywhere and rearrange them too. You can easily add many objects, only by drag and drop.


This form creating service provides many components that you can’t get on a paper based form , like videos, images, rating stars and many more extra features like payment and donation buttons we see on websites(paypal, mastercard,..)
You can also conduct surveys and gather info, make counts of rates and make your for way more intractive than ever.

The use of this service doesn’t force any software installing, it is all on your browser (better use a chrome or a late Mozilla for compatibility reasons), all you need to do is Fix your form plan and get done with it i 2 to 5 min.
To use more different presets and themes you can also choose from the thems already built in or even build a new one using the icon “Designer” (some of the already present themes are not for free)
Now that you learned about Jotform all you need to do is go try it !

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