How to root your android Device


Hi guys today i am gonna show you how to root you android device using 2 method

The first one you need to plug in your Android device with the computer so you need a cable and you have to enable USB Debugging mode ..

The second one is only by using an App ( APK ) that will allow you to root the device

You could choose one of those method you want and if one of them doesn’t work for you, you could try the other one or leave a comment bellow with detail about your device (phone model ..) and i will tell you what you have to do because sometime rooting depend in the device model !

so let’s start …

First method :

Download and install Kingo Android Root from here :

now plug in your Android device with the computer and enable USB Debugging mode

USB Debugging mode

open Kingo Android Root and when you plug the device you will see that the device is getting connecting to the software

Kingo Android ROOT

Click root to start rooting


And that’s it ! if you want to remove root just click remove Root

remove root Kingo

now we move to the second method :

Download this app : Root Master 1.3.6

extract the zip file and move the apk to your phone and open it

this App is in Chinese language but don’t worry 😀 just follow those steps

open the App and click in the middle button where there is Root word in English


These step will check if your device could be rooted

so if every thing is ok something like that will appear to you

Root Master

All you have to do now is to click root then wait and press the purple button

Android Root Master

Congratulation your phone is rooted to make sure you could use Root Checker it’s available in google play from here :


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