How to hack clash of clans


Everyone who play clash of clans including me wander if there is a hack for this game ! well it will be cool if we can get lot of gems to speed up upgrading and improve our defense in a short time …

Sadly there is no such thing like that ! the game is in online servers so even if you change variables, get lot a resources and make changes … when you restart the game you will find out that every thing you made haven’t been saved :/

and like i said it’s because every thing run in servers .. so there is no possible way to make changes only if someday we find an exploit to do that but now for there are a few possible ways to hack clash of clans or let’s say to help you to improve your village and level in a short time.

First You could play the game virtually i mean that you will install a hacked version of the game contains lot of gems (something like that 999999999999) and you could do whatever you want except attacking other village you could only attack village in single player ( maybe it’s not so much fun but at least you will see the end of the game :p you could build every thing in max level in a short time)

to play this version of the game you have to :

+ Delete the normal version ( don’t forget to add you Google account to the game so you don’t lose your current progression)

+ in this modified version don’t sing in with your Google account !!

+ To Get lot of gems you have to go to finish mission and claim rewards

clash of clans hack

now here is the Download link for the last version of clash of clans hacked Version : – Clash of Clans Hack

but if you don’t want to play the game virtually and you want to improve your current progress don’t worry there is a way to do that there is a tool that could help you to make a virtual attack in clan wars so you could know if you could get 3 stars and know where the hidden traps are or you could know what troops the enemy have in his clan … it’s not only for clans war but you can also attack your friends  or anyone like in revenge to know if you are strong enough to beat them

Also these tool could switch between villages you search to attack automatically until it found the minimum amount of resources you want to get for example i need gold so i put the minimum amount of gold to 200.000 and i wait until this tool found a good target this tool help a lot to get lot of resources in a short time you could get 3 million in one day or maybe more if you play more hours and it is easy to find someone how have lot o resource especially from those who stooped playing the games so only by goblins and archers you could get all the resource without destroying all the town because most of the resource will be in the collectors


so if you switch between villages manually until you get a good target you may get tired for clicking next button maybe more than 50 times so this is what the tool could do !

clash of clans hack xmodgames

the tool call xmodgames you could download the App in Android from here : there is also an ios version from here

But for those who have Android you have to root you device or it wont work you could read this : How to root your android Device

For IOS you have to JailBreak you device too !

First we open xmodgames and we select clash of clans and we press Install Mod from the bottom


now we click launch to start the game and everything should be working make sure to give the root access to the App ( most common problem are the phone is not rooted or the user don’t accept grant root access to xmodgames )

clash of clans xmodgames hack

well i think this is enough for this post it is a long one and i hope every thing was clear if you have a question please ask it bellow in the comment section and next time i will post more tricks to hack clash of clans.

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    clash of clans tell me to got update and cannot update the game !!!
    what i can do ?

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