Vivaldi the new Web browser from the Creators of Opera


hey everyone !

Vivaldi as formally known is a musician, named after Antonio Vivaldi, The new Web browser from The creators of Opera Web browser.

Vivaldi is based on Chromium the Source for Chrome and The world 6 and for more browsers, being new and under development you may find some hard times getting with it, but as an overall mark it will be 8.7/10.
The original story of the Reason of creating this new Browser, is that the original one that the developing team
work on ( opera browser ) is no longer he one it used to be and doesn’t serve it’s users the same way it was before

Vivaldi has a promissing future due to it’s origin and First impressions that completly “seduce” you with a good looking main interface that has the essential key features you really want all in one screen.
Speed Dial 4TEQ Vivaldi

As you can see it is in fact the same as Opera Browser, The same Speed dial page with practically the same figure of The square shaped website thumbnails. The Small button to the Right corner of the Screen, is the Menu toggle button
it will show and hide an actual Tree like menu with 5 Tabs.

The first one which will be the default one is for The bookmarks, it already holds some pre-booked websites in many
categories like Games, sport, news,..
The second one is for the Vivaldi mail which is not present in the Tech Preview
The third is for contacts, it is where you can store your Contacts information, telephone number, email and bunch of things, pretty useful.
The next one is for downloads, it is where you can manage your downloads using your Vivaldi browser.
And the last is for notes , in case you have something to remember, and you stil can attack photos to those notes.

Vivaldi is based on Tabs and classic menu is also available from the Vivaldi icon on the top right corner.

Some Tests made by Next Impact have shown that Vivaldi is really going head to head with Chrome while Spartan the new Web browser from Microsoft is falling behind.

You can Download Vivaldi Tech Preview or Check the official website for other OS version

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