The Internet Of Things is what you need to think about


hey ! Merry Christmas and Welcome back.

We all Saw how the technology has Radically changed our lives , from the Radio back then to the TV which brought huge experience to everyone around the world, for some people this has even gone beyond their imagination.
This next level technology brought New hobbies , new Jobs and many other bright machines like The computer.
The computers has evolved in collaboration with the internet to create a huge mass of users connected to Web via a small screen with or without a keyboard. The Smartphones were also a big part of the connected Mass since they can Provide almost the same services a PC can do, While being Easy to carry and use practically everywhere.

In the Last CES , in January 2015, We saw Great inventions and New Gadgets , that somehow got our Childhood dreams come true.
In fact we’v seen high tech Gadgets and machines that surpasses the Hollywood movies’ fiction, and that is Amazing.

The Small and new rising companies came to Las vegas this year with a huge variety of new instruments and Small gadgets to be
presented and hopefully catch some public attention. The interesting part about these new elements is their role as a group,
if we collect some of these new developed gadgets and machines and put them to function together in a single place like a house or a room, we will find out the real meaning of the internet of things.

It is basically a connected private world that you build for yourself, where practically everything is connected. An other definition is ” Putting a CPU in everything ” and it really means that since you can get a connected Microwave or a washing machine that sends status reports to your smartphone , That IS COOL.

Something from the CES : KodaK’s New Android Phone !

This new Idea was presented by Samsung at the CES 2015, and made a big impact on the followers who were there in Las Vegas or even those from their homes. the Internet of things, as described, is what comes after the smartphone revolution, a revolution that made many of our problems vanish and that is mainly the goal of the IoT.

It may look like some fantastic sci-fi movies where everything is controlled by Chips, and you may not believe it but, it is happening and we won’t be able to run from it since we will desperately need it someday, so why not start it ourselves. What we can really think of as a real and mostly present image is a connected Home or room or any place that you would be in very often. A connected home with auto-lock doors with Smartphone control, an automated Thermostat that keeps your home always at the same heat level comparing it with the exterior, and many other features for security and welfare. All of these gadgets are connected between each other and they interact with the user in order to perform with coherence, and that is what the Internet of things is mainly about; The interaction between machines and the user.

The Iot Idea is still in it’s first steps and it will need a lot of work and time for people to find use in it.

Source : The verge

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