Format your computer without DVD/USB drive using only the iso file


Hello guys do you want to format you computer and you don’t have a DVD/USB drive or maybe you can’t create a bootable USB drive because your USB don’t have enough free space…

Anyway in this tutorial i am gonna show you how to format your computer using only the iso file but you have to know that this tutorial is only working for Windows i tested it and it worked when i used Windows iso file (with linux it only open live CD but you can’t format so this tutorial gonna be only for windows )

First make sure you have windows iso file it is available all over the internet and you can download it

Now locate this iso file in a second partition of your hard disk let’s say that we have C partition where the windows is installed and D partition where we keep our files so we take the iso file and put it in the D partition

next step extract the windows iso file using winrar or any other software like power iso … in the same partition next to the iso file

so as far as now we have this :


make sure the file and the folder has a short name without space

now we have to download EasyBCD here is the link :

the installation should be easy so after we install it we open EasyBCD and we go to Add a new Entry from the bottom we choose iso and we pick a name and the path of our iso file


we click add Entry and we may have to wait a little bit then we close the software and we go to then next step

in this step you have to restart your computer but before doing that there are more steps you have to follow below so make sure to read them before restarting your computer

after we restart the computer we are gonna see the boot menu


so we pick our iso file entry and it should take us to the format process but wait don’t start formatting from here !


at this point we open the terminal by pressing  shift + f10

now we navigate the folder where we extract the iso file


cd win8\sources

and we start the step file by typing


a new setup will be open and you could format your computer from it.

and that’s it x)

so good luck guys and if you have a question you can ask it in the comments below.

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