Do Not Link let you post your links without linking to their Website



As a matter of fact Linking to websites, is the most useful way of getting your website Rank up. Like it or not the website linking is one of the most relied on criteria for the SEO,(google) search engine to put your Website on first page and before others.

Sometimes you only need To post a link on some web page or Social Network or any other place you can put links on it, and you basically know that it will give a Backtrack link to that site, So how to do ?

main1 Gives you the ultimate Solution, Linking without giving backtrack and so not helping the linked website to get up in rank, a fair solution i guess.

Using this website is so easy , You only need to Copy and paste your desired link In the Reserved Space and Click on Continue …. EASY !

The linking will be Framed and you will be able to navigate to your desired Website within the DoNotLink Frame as shown in the Screenshot.

The only thing you need to note is to use DoNotlink you need to copy and paste your URLS not a simple, as it won’t work that way.

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