4 of the best games of this week for Your Android


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I – Balloon tower Defence 5

as the name says This is a tower defence game , for those who don’t what is it, tower defence games are based on one purpose is to defend an object at the end of a road , while bad guys( can be a lot of things , plants zombies , aliens…..) are trying to reach this object via the road. your mission it to put Towers that will hit these bad guys and get rid of them before they get to the end of the road.


The thing about this game is the limited violence in it , in fact it is about only Monkeys, yes monkeys popping Balloons. Funny right ? You will love it. It has a lot of extra contenents, bonuses and many features and maps to make you play all the day without finishing. and open play mode, medal rewards to make you feel great after completing a map challenge.
Get it from Google PLay, It is not free , but the price is worth it.

II – God Of light

God of light is a fabulous game of mirrors, basically it is about an objective that you need to iluminate , while your light source is fixed and creates light in one direction.
Made by PLaymous this game has a 4.6 rate on Google play store
The best feature of this game is the general cute outfit of the game. you have a nice Shiny face full of life and hope that needs be awaken to give it’s beam of light, nice plant mirrors that can spin or move by a line…

the Game is not free yet, it is for 2$(1.99) on Google PLay Store

III – Inferno+

This game is one of the best games i have ever tried, it got eveything you basically want from a game.
In inferno+ you have to choose between 4 types of space ships each with some specific tweaks and powers. You will have as many levels as you want grouped in worlds, with every world the map color, ennemies,… change.
You will have two control buttons one to the left one to the right , for Space ship mouvement and gun aiming


Made by RadianGames this one has a 4.7 Rate on google play store. And here is some screenshots of gameplay

The game is not for free, so you will have to pay 2$(1.99) at the Google play store

IV – Hopeless : The dark cave

Nice name isn’t it? even if the main theme of the game is Horror, this game is stil very enjoyable.
it is about Blobs deffending themselves from monsters coming from all directions, while letting pass your Blob friends, easy right ? wait untill you pass the first waves.
Developped by Upopa Games The game has a 4.1 rate on google play



This Game is In fact Free to Download from the Google Play Store

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