[Ubuntu] How to create a Shortcut to run software from launcher instead of terminal


if you are using ubuntu unity or linux in general there are a few software runs using terminal today i am gonna show you how to create a Shortcut to this software and open it from launcher

what you need to have is the Path of the software and the Path of the icon.

i will try to do that for android studio the software path is


to run Android Studio i have to write  ./home/hosni/Dev/AndroidStudio/bin/studio.sh in Terminal so the solution to open it in launcher instead of terminal is by creating a Shortcut using this method :

first create a file useing any text editor like gedit , geany … and name it AndroidStudio.desktop which AndroidStudio is the name i choose for my software

now insert this lines in this file

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Android Studio

Version just put any number of version it doesn’t matter Type it’s an Application Name this name will be shown in launcher Exec the software execution path Icon icon Path Categories the categories of the Application Terminal false if you want to hide the terminal when the software run or true if you want to show it StartupNotify True or False if you want to have a notification when the software start

and save the file in


Ctrl + h : to show hidden folder (.local)

and That’s it

Android studio

other exampel for IntelliJ IDEA 

[Desktop Entry]
Name=IntelliJ IDEA
Type=Application Categories=Development;IDE;

i hope it help.

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