Easy way to Create Network diagams



Wether you are a school teacher trying to make young people understand some network , or a trying to make a good intro to
your lesson , or maybe you’r just a fan of diagrams like me, a good tool is always a good tool!

CADE is one of the most useful tools for creating Diagrams about networks, Yes network diagrams like the one below. CADE is
very easy to use you only need to have a simple scketch of what you want to illusrtate on paper or just a clear image in your

Read More : Hyper Speeds , A great way of downloading for free !

The main interface should look like this :


As you can see the regular Menu is on top, the object menu is On the left and this is what we are going to talk about !

to start a new project or a new diagram you need to go to Files and click on New. You will get a grid of dots that will serve
as your worksheet. To set up your Diagram all you need to do is drag and drop the objects from the object menu.


As you can see i just dragged and dropped the Server shape into my worksheet but before i took this screenshot i just
happend to scale the shape(vector) and make it bigger since the actual size didn’t help me, and that just makes CADE the
perfect tool for a modest Diagram. I did also zoom on the server shape using my mouse wheel.

To go further , you will need to connect your Shapes to create the logical diagram you desire , and that is basically with
drawing lines and various line based shapes to create a coherant diagram. in order to draw a line for exemple all you need
to do is : Right click anywhere on your sheet and select draw to get a full menu of all shapes you might need, here how it will be if you didn’t get it .


all you need to do is draw what yuo have in mind ! for my case here what i drew , not the best but you still can see what i
did right ?

I Have changed the size and the color of the line , and to do that you only need to look to the first toolbar on the top
of the screen. There you can change the width of the line for all the shapes , color and the line type.
With CADE you can also Filp and rotate all the shapes you want as well as writing your own words and editing it.

CADE is originally a Product of WERESC and here is their main website : www.Weresc.com , And you can Check this official page about CADE‘s network diagrams for more info.

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