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hey !

As you advance with programming, or app developing you will need to create your own icons to use it a significant symbol to
refer to your app or software .
the big photo editing software like Photoshop don’t support the export as icon , at least as a native export , so you may
need a good alternative !

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SimplyIcon , as it’s name says is so simple to use , you only need to drag and drop your image and you will get it in an .ico
format which is the Most used format for icons , by windows and other OS.

You will need at least a 128X128 pixel photo at start to use it with Simplyicon

And here it is, the main interface for simplyicon

and Here it is after we drag and drop the image we want to convert


In fact , Simplyicon will create a new file with the same name of the first you dropped inn in the same directory but with the .ico extension , the export size is normally 128X128 pixels. Simplyicon is still not the best tool to creat icons but , it can help , so why not try it.

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