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As we all know the Consumer Electronics Show AKA CES is one of the Greatest Shows for everyone, including customers, companies, reporters,….. to explore and find out about the New techs and devices presented by a huge number of Companies
coming from all over the world To Las Vegas.

Yes! the CES is mainly hosted in Las vegas, held great innovations since it’s beginning in 1967. The 2015 Version, also in las vegas, will present Huge entertainment companies, Press conferences of huge companies like NVIDIA, and Even Chevrolet..

To get your Info with Ease the Official website of CES has offered a free app for both Android and Ios devices to keep track with the CES event of 2015. The app hold many features Like Checking the Main events and Schedule, reading about the new innovation CES is presenting and keeping track of them, Help yourself manage your timetable and Navigating through a Map
to Exact locations of Booths.

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The app is easily downloadable from the google play store , but still you can’t get the full potential of this app unless you can make a registration that would really cost you money, to attend or if you’r company is already in the CES.

Yet you can still use this app without making any registration and here how it looks :


These are the most Important News and highlights of the 2015 CES , you can check everyone of them and Know more about the main subject , where and when will it be presented.

You can Download CES 2015 app from google play

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