Ascii Flow , will make you write with numbers !


Hey !

Sometimes i really Get astonished by some Guys who take a lot of time to write Words using numbers or letters. I found these Pictures on some text files with my downloads and on some personal Blogs as well as Facebook. At first i didn’t realize it was
so easy to do that until, i Discovered this!

Asciiflow, this is a web designed app that works from any browser, that lets you Write and Draw all what you want
as well as adding various personal texts.

You ca get the main interface directly after loading the page , no signing in or up needed. Here it is

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There is only 1 toolbar to use , not so creative but it just gives you the opportunity to be creative.
There you got lines and Shapes tool , so you cna draw any shape you want , then the “S” tool to use i to write with letters and Numbers; Just type a letter on your keyboard and you will start using it!

The eraser , very useful and practical to use if you do it wrong, The Text adding tool and the Selection too , just use it when you want to point something.

On the Other half of the toolbar , we have a upload button , this is where you write something and you upload it to your
worksheet. The opposite button , the download button gives you you work , highlighted and ready for you to copy!
A backward and forward button are also present.

Try it for your Self : AsciiFlow Infinity

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