Anonymous has Leaked Cash credit accounts in mass


hey !

A huge Tweet by A tweeter account claiming to be related to the Hacking Group Anonymous Has Announced , if we can called that, Their intention of Leaking many Worldwide companies user accounts , get it all from Here.
Like always Anounymous has kept it’s promise and Did in fact deliver all the Accounts 3 Days later in 26/12/2014 ! Via The same Twitter account. The Leaked Accounts are mainly Those of The biggest entertainment and Bank companies like PlayStation, Xbox, Walmart and many other ones Including Credit cards numbers And many Premium accounts for pornography sites, The accounts are Linked in this Tweet

A full list of the Affected accounts has been gathered by The daily Dot.

An other tweet followed the 2 before stating a link to download ” The interview “, a movie that Sony Refused to release, especially after A cyberAttack hitting their servers. The movies Is a comedy about the North Korea president Kim Jong-un.

Update : The Link to The Stolen account has been apparently removed by Ghostbin the Original host.

Source : TechCrunch

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