Upload your temporary files with Yttr


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You may have wondered about whether you can upload files for a short duration, like for a week or 4or 5 days ? or you only needed to upload it just for a friend to download it later, and you just don’t want to go throught the account creation process. Here is the Solution to your Problem !

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Yttr is a free uploading website that you can upload your files on and share the link to anyone all over the globe, the Special feature about ti is that you don’t need to have any personal account to use Yttr.
The difference between Yttr and all the other File host websites like Firedrive , mediafire…..(seems we like fire here)
is the duration that your files will stay hosted on the server which is not infinite, your files can stay up to 12 Days.

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Using Yttr is so simple since it practically has no UI :
A short description , that explains how to use YTTR , then the Pick a file button , where you can choose your file for uploading.
the download Only button will Make your file only available for downloading and not for any other operation like tweaking or deleting
The upload will automatically Start after picking your file so Choose your settings before picking your file !

Try it by yourself

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