Uc browser , Breaking into your Smartphone screen


Hi again !

Today we talk about UC Browser , if you know it you will automatically remember it by the Squirrel Logo that most of you
used it before on your Old Java phones…. if you know what it is :).

UC browser has also integrated itself in the android since it’s beginning , and has brought A Fantastic Browsing experience
for it’s users over the world and especially in China ! You can read all about it’s history on Wikipedia.
The essential Thing that made UC browser on top of the downloads in many websites is the swipe gestures that can help you
go backward or forward while browsing without the need for the arrow keys …. .

And then it started to Expand into making a great UI Based on the Squares , that can resemble Windows 8 on it’s main
theme. The new version is what you are going to see right now !

1 – Compatibility :

UC browser is Highly Compatible with most of Android devices, and by most i mean 99% of all the devices running android 2.2 or higher. If you happened to have a Big Screen Smartphone like Samsung Note or even the Nokia Xl or any other same sized screen there is always a n other version called The HD version that will be more compatible than the normal version.

2 – Main interface :

The main interface has Globally changed from the Last version and it did really stun me for a second , and maybe you too .

The main UI is great and holds many fantastic features like the Speed dial , where you basically have the most used websites
such as google.com , Faceboook , youtube ….. . Also it has on the bottom part the UC already known features : The download zone , Sport sites , music ,……. . As many of you will think the bottom part is not a separate window it is included in this first part of the screen.

The main interface Holds also the browsing arrows , the menu and tabs button and the home button for fast recalling .

That was the Second part of the Speed dial , and as you can see it holds the UC zone on the Social networks , youtube , IMDB
and the + Button to add more from the UC add-on store !

This is the last part of the Main UI and it holds your Own Speedial , and as you can see i added 4Teq.com myself. The UC Disk is present as always helping you pick your Downloads and organize them on the UC cloud, and the theme link as always.

3 – the add-ons


The most innovating feature of this New version is the add-ons panel which was previously located in the upper right corner of the screen. It has all the old add-ons plus 2 new preinstalled ones , the Adblock and the FB faster !

There is no doubt that the Adblock add-on will block ads , but the FB faster is a new feature that will simple make your Facebook faster , just by using the Basic version of Facebook , try it !

In a small conclusion This new version will be a great improvment for those who used UC browser for sometime but it is not going to revolutionize the browsing speed or streaming speed. So it will not look like a ” big deal ” for the new users , especially when you compare it with other browser like Chrome on android or Mozilla.

You can Download The last version Of UC browser From the Google play store .
OR download an APK file From Here

Thank you for Reading , and please post your comments , we want them 🙂 .

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