How To partition You SD Card for app linking


Hi again !

In many cases You may want to make more space for one big android App or a game but you just can’t , Simply because your Phone or tablet have a limited internal Storage or it’s storage is divided in a really Bad way !

So what you actually need is so simple Since Moving to SD card built in function is not that so efficient , Link-TO-SD, Is an great app among others that Will Do the automatic Linking for you, but it requiresthe Pro version to Link all files.

Since using the Link-To-SD to link applications needs some Partitioning, I will tell you how to do that using a simple Windows tool, Or linux since both versions exist.

Partitioning means Splitting your SD card which i recommend being of 8Gb or more ( for full efficienty) in to 2 Parts making one that works as a normal Sd card , and one that you can’t see When you insert your Card into your PC. The second part is reserved for the Linking and can’t be accessed by any means, only by The Link-to-SD app.

To Do this splitting you need to have your Android Phone rooted, So that the link-to-Sd app works fine.

Also you will need to download A software called : “Minitool partition Wizard home edition” , a long name but it is the most reputed and the most efficient. You can download it from here , or Directly from Cnet.

The tool looks Like this when you Open it :

Main 1


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As you can see When you Right CLick on a Disk you get a menu full of commands , but we are not really interested in all of that since our process is Simple ! , You can also find these commands on the Left panel.

So what you need to do is :

1 – Format your Sd card , to do it you really ned to click the Format from the Left panel or from the right menu

2 – Delet your current partition , by clicking on delete partition

3 – A new button will show up on the left pannel, that will help you create a new partition
To create your new partition in the best way you need to follow this Screenshot, DO IT EXACTLY THE SAME !

Main 2

4 – Create your Second Partition the Same way the next screenshot ,
main 3


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5 – That is it you did it , now you only Need to Apply these Changes whith the apply button on the Top of window
Now you need to wait until the Changes are applied correctly ( You may encounter some problems like autoshutdown)

Once those changes are over all you need to do is run link-to-sd app and it will ask you about the format of your 2nd partition which is EXT4, you only need to reboot your device .

PS : you need to Shutdown all other running software , and disable power saving mode , since the Pending operations are
Heavy on your material resources

You can check this Tutorial too if you Didin’t get it, XDA Wiki

Thank you for reading , Good luck with it !

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