USB Drives are now more Dangerous than ever


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We know that USB drives are very popular for our daily use , Practically Every where in our life ; tablets, Desktop computers, laptops, Smartphones, etc .

Recently a huge problem has been detected, that is mainly about USB drives’ Hardware. It consists of a Malware that lives in the USB Drive, and can Do anything with your Computer.And you Can not Protect yourself from this one !

Details :
A pair of security researchers from SR Labs have uncovered a fundamental flaw in the way USB devices work. It affects every single USB device out there and worse yet, there’s no line of defense short of prohibiting USB stick sharing or filling your USB ports with superglue.

Security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell Has said that this Malware can be embed in Your USB sticks, Not like a Normal malware that is found in the USB memory, this one is a part of the USB Firmware ! That means it is a part of how the technology itself works, it is like holly woods Movies but in the real world .

After spending several months reverse engineering the firmware that handles the basic communications functions of USB devices, they were able to reprogram the firmware to hide malicious code. This firmware is present on every USB device within the controller chip – the component that facilitates communication between the USB device and the computer it’s plugged in to.

And We are not only talking about a USB memory Stick, But also every USB based device , from keyboard, mouse, tablets, Smartphones …. and you know the list.
Matt Blaze, a computer science professor at the University of Pennsylvania, had doubts about this news and thinks it has been already used by NSA to spy on some people, He points to a spying device called Cottonmouth that was mentioned in one of Edward Snowden’s many leaks . Exact Details about how the Device functions is not yet present but it is always good to know !

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