SpeedCrunch the Best Calculator you can have


Hi again !

SpeedCrunch is a small yet a powerful Calculator tool and what makes it more Powerful is that it is available for Mac OS , linux And windows. SpeedCrunch is a Calculator, name is not really in the right place but.., it is a Free software to download directly from the main site
Main eg

why it is a good calculator ? her it is :

– Its comparable to the scientific calculators you use. Not only it provides the scientific mode abut also displays like them.
– You can see all the expressions and scroll down or up.
– Auto correction in many places in case you had missed it
– Allows you save set of calculations you did. Meaning in case you need to quit in between you can save the list of calculations you did and reload it again later.
– It provides you with set of Math Book, functions and variables.
– It even saves your session as History. In case you want to pull something back and use.
– Supports more then 20 languages.
– You can go full screen mode too.
– Supports Syntax Highlighting in case you forgot to close a bracket. You can set the colors.
– Auto complete mode. Just type the first alphabet of a function name and you will see them listed.

You can get SpeedCrunch from here , a free to download for Windows

You can open more Panels sontaining more Mathematical command if you don’t know them by Holding the CTRL and on numbers 1-4

That is it , thank you for reading, hope you got it right !

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