pros and Cons of the world 6 Browser


hi again !

We already talked about The World Web Browser and mentioned an other Version similar to chrome, this version is cal
Since it is Chinese based , it comes with Chinese language ,but you can Change it to English and it is easy, so don’t panic!


– The world 6 AKA chromium has a perfect interface , easy to handle and very modern; Tabs on the top , Search bar
and all the navigation buttons we know from IE, But the good thing here is a new button which can Re open the last Page you closed, in fact it opens all the closed pages recent or not, once your browser is open everything is recorded.
Main buttons

Full Buttons
double menu

– The world 6 has some awesome mouse actions that can help you navigate through your web pages. These actions can be triggered with your right mouse hold and moving the cursor down to go down in your Page or up to go up in page and other
Main actions

– The world 6 Has it’s own build add blocker, it is very powerful one and doesn’t need any tweaks or settings unless you have many conditions or more parts to block. You can find it on the main menu, or the setting page.
adblock Main THE WORLD 6

– Finally the world has a very good opening Tab containing many and many sites grouped by their interest, You still cal access it on any other browser since it is a an independent webpage : , this is the English version of the page but the Chinese version has more features but we still can’t read chinese so we stick with what we’ve got !

Download THeworld 6


– The world 6 has No Spelling Mistakes dictionary, So you can’t really know if you are writing wrong or not. This is so harmful to those writing in official websites and for some bloggers and you can’t install any sort of Dictionary in this current version

-the world 6 Has no extension feature , so it can not be set to use extension like chrome does, so you will not be able to use your favorite sites extensions as you would have in Google Chrome

-The world 6 Has it’s own Server and it is a Chinese one , So you need to login to this server with an other email address rather than your Gmail account

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